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What is Semavis?

Semantics Visualizations enable understanding complex matters in an easy way. The research group “Semantics Visualization” is working on processing, enriching, and visualizing any kind of semantic data to provide visually discoverable information. Thereby processes of knowledge acquisition, human information retrieval, and decision making are supported by a variety of interactive visual representations. The developed visualizations do not only allow to investigate the masses amount of various semantic formats on Web, e.g. Linked- Data or Social Networks, they also enable the interactive illustration of structured data. With this “visual semantics” users are able to recognize relations and correlations of data and decide more precisely and efficiently.

With SemaVis, Fraunhofer IGD has developed a technology that provides various perspectives on the semantics of information. By combining different visualization techniques users and enterprises are able to perceive various data and information characteristics. SemaVis enables a facilitate human access to the “Internet of Data”.


02 November 2015

SemaVis now on the Open Data Portal of the European Union

01 October 2014

Demo-Honorable Mention at I-KNOW Conference 2014 in Graz

01 August 2014

Policy Modeling Book published

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Semantics Visualization for Information Visualization and Data Analysis


The increasing amount of data on Web requires effective ways of human information access. Visualizations face the problem of masses amount of data by providing interactive pictures. In particular, the upcoming and growing Linked- Data provide promising and efficient data representation and search facilities for visual solutions. Human information processing is facilitated by interactive visualizations of associations, categorizations, and abstractions. In addition, semantics visualizations offer the representation of the information context, which in turn facilitates the verbalization of search terms. Correlations between different data are recognizable and comprehensible at first glance. Knowledge may be better comprehended, interpreted and acquired.


> Technology > Research > Industry commitment
SemaVis is a powerful client technology to visualize heterogeneous data. The user gets an optimal overview visualized about data through an intelligent data processing, next to sustainable visualization for search, exploration and analysis.

The SemaVis technology is continuously enhanced in a number of research projects and optimized for various domains. This enables domain stakeholders a more effective work by the use of such visual tools.

 The SemaVis technology contains a number of innovative features, which were developed in research projects. An essential goal is to transfer the gathered know-how and innovations to the industry.


> Teaching

Student Jobs  

The young scientists will be supported through a connection of research and lecture. At the same time, new ideas of students can find the way in the ongoing research. We give students the opportunity to investigate in semantics- and information visualizations in a number of lecturing courses.

Engaged students have the opportunity to investigate in many ways in actual topics and tasks within our project work. We regularly search for students who are interested in a bachelor, master and diploma thesis, but also as support as HIWI.