Current Projects

Smarter Privacy

The joint research project Smarter Privacy addresses the field of "software-based legal compliance in Smart Grid / eMobility". Goal of the project is to ensure the legal requirements concerning data privacy protection and evidentiary value. Especially with dynamically changing market participants the innovation openness for future developments should be maintained.


FUPOL is funded under objective 5.6 of the FP7 work program aiming at ICT solutions for governance and policy modeling. The objective targets research focusing on development of advanced ICT tools for policy modeling, prediction of policy impacts, development of a new...

Finished Projects


TEXO is a research project within the THESEUS research program initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi). THESEUS aims at developing a new Internet-based infrastructure in order to improve both the usability and practicability of knowledge available on the Internet...


The access and usage of information technologies is an essential part for the personal and professional qualification in today’s information society. These aspects are invigorated by current studies which subsume that an increasing number of employment positions need access to information sources on the internet.


Fraunhofer IGD develops in the context of the joint project VIntEL (Distributed Integrated test environment) in cooperation with Fraunhofer IOSB (former IITB) and the Federal Ministry of Defense (BWB) innovative user interfaces and visualizations for representing semantic relations in different...

Signal Tracing

Anyone who recognizes the signs of the times ensures a decisive advantage on the market. In the project...


Semantic Technologies and semanticly annotated informations open a broad spectrum of new possibilities for the discovery and transfer of knowledge. Every bit of information has connections to every other information from the chosen domain. Data which was processed in this form can be searched...