SemaVis for Open Data

SemaVis as Semantics Visualization System for Open Data Sources

SemaVis is an adaptive visualization technology for many kinds of open data (e.g. Linked-Open Data or Open-Government Data). This page illustrates some example of different datasets and datatypes, even more adaptation levels, visual comparison techniques, for the Open-Data domain.



Science Analytics
The simple-adaptive SemaVis makes use of some rule-based adaptation based on users' queries on the DBLP digital library. Text- and Data-mining and -retrieval approaches are enhancing the underlying information of DBLP.
Please also take a look on the demo video. Click on the image to explore the DBLP database.
(Open) Knowledge Base Visualization
The web provides increasing and rising knowledge repositories that enables for example to validate hypothesis for experts, or explores options. The Knowledge Database stores multimedia documents and links them to campaigns and political topics, providing context related information to the user.
It enables a user to search for knowledge in different external (web) data and combines visualizations in visual cockpit metaphor for various policy tasks. A user is able to view on web-knowledge to validate for example an identified policy problem and gather related implicit information.
A video of this version is available [here].
Click on the image to try out this version.
Interactive Open Government Textual Search (EurLex)
Searching for political documents, e.g. from debates or about decisions, can be challenging and becomes quickly boring. But by using interactive graphical visualization the user experience can have a significant grow. [more]
Open Government Data Visualization (EuroStat)
The need for getting valid information about certain topics and policy indicators is essential for setting the agenda for a new possible policy. Visualizing these valid and proved data provides a more useful instrument to gather information by comparing, associating, correlating and identifying various data, data-attributes or indicators. [more]



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